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Injuries, accidents and emergencies can happen to your mouth just like any other part of the body. If a dental emergency strikes your household, it’s important to act fast yet keep calm.

If you or your child suffers a tooth that is knocked out, there are a few things you can do to help preserve the tooth and improve the chances your dentist can implant it back into the gums.

It’s absolutely essential that the tooth be kept moist to improve the chances it can be implanted. You should resist the temptation to clean the tooth. Your dentist can determine if the tooth needs cleaning. You should place the tooth in lukewarm water or simply tuck it between your gums and cheek.

There are also new tooth preservation products available. This is a container with a nourishing gel designed to help nourish the tooth and keep it alive until you can get to your dentist. Simply unscrew the cap, place the tooth in the gel and seal it again.

If the socket is bleeding you can lightly bite down on some sterile gauze.

The sooner you can get to your dentist the better the chances are the tooth can be saved. If you or your child has a tooth knocked out you should call us immediately at 972-727-7269 to schedule an appointment.