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Did you know that a cracked tooth can lead to several complications, like sensitive teeth, gum disease, and cavities? If you suffer from a broken tooth, we invite you to contact our office soon. Our team will gladly do everything possible to restore your smile. However, because we understand that preserving your teeth is also extremely important, we are happy to help you avoid cracking your teeth—including telling you some foods to be weary of. In fact, these three foods are some of the most likely to crack your smile.

Pits: If you bite into an olive, please be careful. If the olive wasn’t prepared properly, you could accidentally bite into a pit. That can mean you bite too hard and unintentionally crack your tooth.

Whole Almonds: Have you heard about how healthy almonds are? It is true that there are several benefits to chewing on almonds, but doing so can put your teeth in danger—especially if you chew the whole almond. If you need your almond fix, try buying them sliced.

Kernels: Popcorn won’t crack your teeth, but biting into an unexpected kernel may. Like olive pits, if you bite into something hard without expecting it, you could use too much force and your tooth could break.

If you are interested in learning more about foods that could crack your teeth, please contact us. We’re anxious to meet with you.