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Between making sure your kids don’t get sick at school, playing in the backyard, or hurt themselves on the playground, being a parent is a tough job. Oftentimes, it’s easy to forget that the health of your kids’ teeth is just as important as their overall health.

That’s why, here at Dean Doles Family Dentistry we place such an emphasis on ensuring that your family has an attitude that promotes healthy teeth.
Let’s look at a few ways that you, as a parent, can do that in your own family.

Lead by example

As we all know, kids follow the example of their parents. If you make sure to brush, floss, and use mouthwash regularly, your kids will see oral health’s importance and (with a bit of prodding) follow in your footsteps.

Encourage kids to brush

From an early age, you need to encourage your children to clean their teeth. It’s recommended their first dental visit is no later than their first birthday, and if you start them early, it’ll become a habit that sticks with them their entire life.

Make dental visits fun

Kids are rebellious by nature, and if they don’t enjoy going to the dentist, chances are they’ll put up much more of a fight when you ask them to brush their teeth.

Focus on making visits to the dentist an enjoyable experience and your kids will have a much easier time developing healthy oral habits.
If you need to get your kids in to see Dr. Dean Doles or need help on establishing a tooth-friendly attitude in your family, don’t hesitate to call us today at 972-727-7269.