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If you don’t like the thought of having root canal therapy, there are some things you might need to know. Many patients who have a cavity filled and root canal therapy say the two treatments are quite comparable. Furthermore, there are a number of problems that should only be treated with root canal therapy.

A few symptoms that could indicate the need for root canal therapy include feeling extreme pain or having red and swollen gums. You might also need root canal therapy if you’ve had untreated tooth decay. Sadly, untreated decay could spread to the center of your teeth, which will make root canal therapy a necessity.

Sadly, your tooth could also be infected, which could spread to the center of your tooth. If this happens to you, your tooth could extremely painful and the infection could kill your root. Still, if you have an infection, you may never experience any pain. Luckily, our team can address the infection and stop your root from dying.

If you suffer from trauma of any kind—whether because you were hit playing sports or trip and fell—you could need root canal therapy. Sadly, this trauma can lead to tooth discoloration, but root canal therapy can address this issue as well. If your tooth is injured because of trauma and you don’t have the issue addressed, you could lose your tooth.

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